Tuesday, 22 August 2017

US Armored Rifles

BF Plastic models. Thousands of 'em. Well, two platoons of Armored Rifles anyway (w/o half-tracks).

Pretty good. Not much else to say really.


Sunday, 20 August 2017

More Hornisse

Some random work in progress shots on a few Hornisse.

AMIG0901 Dunkelgelb Dark Base

AMIG0011 Dunkelgelb aus' 44 DG I

AMIG0012 Dunkelgelb aus '44 DG III

Vallejo Model Air 041 Tank Brown/Armour Brown.

AMIG0915 Dark Green

...and done. Pics could be better.


Friday, 18 August 2017

BF Plastic US Figures (test pieces)

"Bad figures" some have opined: it's why I don't rate opinions by non-painters on figure quality very highly. Don't know how I managed really...

While the new(-ish) BF hard plastic infantry have their drawbacks, they also have many positive features: the lack of BF's usual shoddy metal castings is a big plus.

In other news: thanks to Photobucket severing picture links, several old painting tutorials were rendered useless...thanks PB, though you're not getting a cent from me. My thanks to Braxen for letting me know, I had completely forgotten some were hosted elsewhere back in the day. Despite looking a little dated I've uploaded the pics again for anyone who might find them useful. They should be all be fixed now; if you spot any problems, let me know.

Also: ABS plastic. I mean...really Battlefront? Really?

More updates soon.


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Coldstream Guards Churchill Squadron

The remainder of my Churchill Squadron: 'C' Squadron, 4th Tank Battalion, Coldstream Guards, 6th (Guards) Tank Brigade. Well, with two Tank Troops, a half-Squadron really. I added extra track-links which the 6th GTB seems to have been rather fond of using, both the Sherman and Churchill variety.

Models by PSC with BF crews, magnetized turrets, etc. The HQ has the Churchill Mk. V with 95mm CS howitzer. The green appears more "luminous" in the pictures than it is in real life.

And another Tank Troop, two Churchill Mk VI with 75mm and a single Mk IV with 6-pounder.

They'll join the first Troop I did, below. I forgot to take a group shot though...

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